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October 12, 2017
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All creatures great and small!

All creatures great and small!

A generous donation from the Masonic fraternity will benefit the dogs and puppies at the Whangarei SPCA.

The $1000 donation raised by the annual Whangarei Masonic Bowling Tournament with a subsidy from The Freemasons Charity will enable the charity to purchase much needed special items for dogs and puppies in SPCA custody.

Francine Shields, general manager at the Whangarei branch, says the special toys and treats will help keep the minds stimulated of those animals who are confined to pens or unable to be exercised though illness, injury, or quarantine.

Some “seized” dogs “can spend up to 18 months at the SPCA while a court case process is completed, she says.

“These dogs in particular get a lot of attention and exercise and the items purchased will enhance their well being during the day and while they are alone at night.”

Crates, playpens and comforting toys will also make fostering the dogs and puppies to temporary homes much easier, Shields says.

“We are also grateful at being able to purchase the items at cost prices from Pet Essentials,” she says.

Lodge spokesperson Harry Gray says the bowling tournament raises funds for the Northland community and each year a worthy charity is selected to be the recipient.

The Northland District Freemasons thank all volunteers, players and sponsors who supported the tournament.

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Photo – Freemason Harry Gray was pleased to be able to hand over a $1000 to SPCA’s Ani van Sinten.

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