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Freemasons assist mobility van

BTG 25Jan18 - TE AWAMUTU Wheelchair Wagon Trust secretary/treasurer Eileen Murray has an audience as she tries out the hoist on the new Wheelchair Wagon.

Freemasons assist mobility van

The Waipa Lodge No 119 along with assistance from The Freemasons Charity donated $1000 towards the Wheelchair Wagon Trust and its new Mobility Van in Te Awamutu.

For 36 years the Wheelchair Wagon Trust has been helping people from the region who have mobility issues to get around.

Trust Chair Francis Mason said that “It is important for people to get out and about on their business and to enjoyed life”.

The new van replaced one that had been around for eight years and done 100,000kms and was becoming high maintenance.

Eileen Murray who is the Secretary/Treasurer for the Trust, is the wife of the Secretary of Waipa Lodge Ross Murray, which is part of those important community connections.

Photo captions – New Mobility Van in action, Cutting the ribbon on the new van and Bruce Brisco Master of the Waipa Lodge handing over the all-important donation.

Photo credits – Te Awamutu Courier and Waipa Post

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