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Pollard Park Re-vamped!

Lodge Eckford No.334 in Blenheim, with the assistance of the Freemasons Charity, provided funding to the Differently Abled Children’s’ Trust in a recent playground re-vamp project. Brethren from the Lodge attended the official opening. The children’s playground at Pollard Park in Blenheim has been re-imagined and upgraded to be more universally accessible for all children in the community. A mayoral opening and ribbon cutting by local youngsters occurred recently.

Lodge Eckford added $10,000, provided means to purchase a Liberty swing, capable of integrating a wheelchair and a large double musical xylophone playground instrument. Other groups in the Marlborough community, Rotary and Lions contributed to the funding efforts too, in the form of additional musical playground equipment. The Marlborough District Council provided support and much of the ground preparation work. Spokesperson for Differently Abled children trust Alana Sagar, thanked all businesses, charitable organisations, and individuals in the community for supporting their cause. The re-vamped playground provides a 21st-century experience for the children of Marlborough for many years to come.


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