Subsidies to Freemason Lodge Projects

The Freemasons Charity offers a subsidy towards Lodges and Districts who have identified a charitable activity within their community where there is a need for additional funds to reach their funding target.

The first thing to do is to telephone your Divisional Benevolence Officer to find out informally what subsidy might apply. The Freemasons Charity has no set subsidy level and therefore will decide any subsidy on a case to case basis, the norm is close to a $1 to $1 ratio.

The Freemasons Charity may institute a maximum dollar amount for projects. Some $1.2 million dollars goes towards Lodge and District Projects.

The Freemasons Charity is a strong supporter of compassionate causes, and Lodges are asked to consider worthy personal causes; its wish is to support local human  interest cases rather than give to central nationwide funds.

Charity Donations

Please note our bank account number is 06 XXXX XXXX360 00
Please ensure you enter the Lodge name, number and a reference (ie. Charity Donation)
DO NOT include Charity Donations with Capitation Fees or deposit into the 04 account