Wairarapa Chapter 125th Celebrations
August 25, 2017
Grand Convocation and Grand Installation in Victoria April 2018
September 18, 2017

5 Year Bars to top up 40 Year Jewels at Carlyle


A Grand Chapter Team attended the regular meeting of Carlyle Chapter No 74 at Patea in Taranaki on Wednesday evening where MEComp Brian White, GZ presented a fifth 5 year bar to REComp Bill Hone, PDGZ (yes that’s 65 years membership of Royal Arch) and a second 5 year bar to REComp Alan Davies, PDGZ.

VEComp Stan Foote presented a very interesting talk on the Royal Arch jewel at the meeting – based on some original researches he had done and illustrated by drawings of all aspects of the jewel.

There was a great supporting team from Wanganui Chapter No 23 there also including MEComp Rod Biel who is now resident in Marton.

After a very enjoyable evening REComp Ken McQueen, GH then drove us (White/Hart/Gregory) back to the Devon Hotel – a long day driving of over 8 hours on the road for him.