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Chapter No.Chapter NameFirst PrincipalScribe EzraChapter AddressMeetingsMapDistrict
#1St AugustineVE Comp Donald Bennett

Tel: 03 358 5178
VE Comp M W Trimmer

35 Monaghan St
Christchurch 8051

Tel: 03 323 9520
84 Totara St,
Fendalton Christchurch 8041
Last Mon Jan, Mar, Sept, Nov (Installation Nov)Click For DirectionsCanterbury
#2Waterloo-RussellVE Comp Terry Knight
VE Comp Alan Cuthbert

68 Melrose Road
Island Bay Wellington 6023

Tel: 04 383 8550
25 Phillip St,
Wellington 6037
2nd Mon all months except Jan, Feb, Dec (Installation Aug)Click For DirectionsWellington
#3Southern CrossVE Comp Angus MacKay
VE Comp Roderick Jordan

174 Conyers Street, Heidelberg
Invercargill 9812

Tel: 03 216 8454
80 Forth St,
Invercargill 9812
4th Wed Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsSouthland
#4VictoriaVE Comp Bruce Greathead

Tel: 06 834 2849
RE Comp Bruce MacConnell PGJ

27/8 Morris Spence Ave,
Napier 4110

Tel: 06 843 0295
Omarunui Masonic Centre,
8 Elbourne St,
Napier 4112
4th Sat Feb, Apr, Jul, 3rd. Sat Sep, 4th. Sat.Nov (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsHawkes Bay
#5ParitutuVE Comp Roger Catlin
RE Comp Noel Andrews SGR

313A Carrington St,
New Plymouth 4310

Tel: 06 753 5210
17 Mahoe St,
Inglewood 4330
1st Wed all months except Jan and Feb (Installation Oct)Click For DirectionsRuapehu/Taranaki
#6Albert EdwardRE Comp T Waters

65 Ashgrove Tce,
RD 6
Christchurch 8024

Tel: 03 332 9735
Email: Tony Waters
VE Comp R J Wright

58 Randolph St,
Christchurch 8062

Tel: 03 381 4006
Email: Bob Wright
Shirley Masonic Centre
9 Shirley Rd,
Christchurch 8013

Tel: 03-385 5873
4th Tue; Mar, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Nov (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsCanterbury
#8Waitaki KilwinningClosed
#9The AucklandVE Comp Graham Fitzpatrick

Tel: 09 520 5293
VE Comp K J Galley PGDC

64 Hattaway Ave,
Bucklands Beach
Auckland 2012

Tel: 09 534 3601
181 Khyber Pass Road,
Auckland 1023
1st Thur Mar, May, Jul, Oct, Dec (Installation July)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#10WairarapaVE Comp Anthony RussellVE Comp Bruce McGregor

1 B Jordan Terrace,
Masterton 5810

Tel: 06 377 1719
43 Perry St,
Masterton 5810
4th Mon all months except Jan, Jun, Jul and Dec (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsWellington
#11ManawatuVE Comp Robert McLellanRE Comp J C A Francis

34 Buick Crescent,
Palmerston North 4412

Tel: 06 357 1694
393 Church St,
Palmerston North 4110
Last Thur Jan, 4th Mon Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov (Installation Nov)Click For DirectionsRuapehu/Taranaki
#12VictoryVE Comp Derek NeesVEComp David Marsh

1 Springlea Heights, Atawhai ,
Nelson 7010

Tel: 03 545 0145
59 Edward St, Wakefield 70254th Thur Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep (Installation 4th Sat Sep)Click For DirectionsNelson/Marlborough/Westland
#14MarlboroughVE Comp Gordon BerryRE Comp Max Currie G Lec

169 Taylor Pass Road,
Blenheim 7201

Tel: 03 572 4448
51 Charles St,
Blenheim 7201
3rd Tue Apr, Jun, Nov Sep (Installation 4th Sat Feb)Click For DirectionsNelson/Marlborough/Westland
#15TimaruVE Comp George Butler
VEComp Peter Smith

37A Pages Road, Marchwiel
Timaru 7910

Tel: 03 688 0230
Westend Masonic Complex,
35A Maltby Avenue,
Timaru 7910
1st Wed all months except Jan, Feb and Dec (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsCanterbury
#17OhinemuriVE Comp Ronald Anderson
(acting) RE Comp Jim Ingley, P G Supt

P O Box 312
Morrinsville 3340

Tel: Bus 07 8895496
(Pvt 07 8896047
(MOB) 0274765170
Masonic Hall, Moorhouse Street, Morrinsville4th Thur Feb, Apr, Jul, Oct (Installation Oct)No MapHauraki
#20Cromwell CoronationVE Comp Alexander DavisVE Comp Neville Rosborough

34 Capell Avenue
PO Box 45
Lake Hawea 9345

Tel: 03 443 2345
26 Sunderland St,
Clyde 9330
3rd Thur all months except May (Installation Oct)Click For DirectionsOtago
#21KawatiriVE Comp Gordon SysvesterVE Comp K C Slee

14 Lyndhurst St
Westport 7825

Tel: 03 789 7637
51A Russell Street,
Westport 7825
3rd Tue Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Nov (at 4:00pm) (Installation 4th Sat Nov)Click For DirectionsNelson/Marlborough/Westland
#22WaikatoVE Comp David WatsonVE Comp Alan Tydeman

6/49 Anglesea Street
Hamilton 3204

Tel: 027 360 7558
287 Grey St,
Hamilton East 3216
1st Tue Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Dec (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsHauraki
#23WanganuiRE Comp Rod JohnsonVE Comp Jim Edwards PGStdB

23c Keith St
Wanganui 4500

Tel: 06 345 4290
43 Tawa St,
Wanganui 4501
2nd Mon all months except Jan & Feb (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsRuapehu/Taranaki
#24BrooklynVE Comp Allan Wilkins

9 Tannadyce Street,
Strathmore Park
Wellington 6022

VE Comp Bill McRoberts, P3rd GSoj

3 Lambley Road
Titahi Bay
Porirua 5026

Tel: 04 239 9752
Email: Bill McRoberts
9 McKillop St,
Porirua 5024
2nd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec (Installation Feb)Click For DirectionsWellington
#27WhangareiVE Comp Noel CanningRE Comp G B Morris

8a Carr St
Whangarei 0112

Tel: 09 435 1139
17 Albert St,
Whangarei 0110
1st Tue all months except Jan & Feb (Installation Nov)Click For DirectionsNorthland
#28MaoriVE Comp Glenn SummerhayesVE Comp Richard Todd

83 Botha Street, Tainui
Dunedin 9013

Tel: 03 455 0112
Dunedin Masonic Centre,
43 Manor Place,
Dunedin 9016
1st Thur all months except Jan (Installation Nov)Click For DirectionsOtago
#30RawhitiVE Comp Roger Sinclair

RE Comp Colin Heyward SGR

10 Rose St
Waipawa 4210

Tel: 06 857 8299
191 High Street,
Dannevirke 4930
3rd Mon Feb, May, Nov, 2nd Sat Aug (Installation Aug)Click For DirectionsHawkes Bay
#35Rose & ThistleVE Comp John SoperVE Comp A F Brown

83 Milton Road South
RD 7
Ashburton 7777

Tel: 03 308 5972
111 Havelock St,
Ashburton 7700
4th Wed Feb, Apr, May, Jul, Sep, Nov (Installation May)Click For DirectionsCanterbury
#38HeretaungaVE Comp Roger Sinclair

912A Florence Street
Hastings 4120

Tel: 06 871 0177
RE Comp Nigel Petrie

2 Ashford Place
Havelock North 4130

Tel: 06 877 7683
307 Jervois St,
Hastings 4122
1st Thur all months except Jan and Dec (Installation May)Click For DirectionsHawkes Bay
#39BedfordVE Comp Ronald BarrettRE Comp Colin Heyward SGR

10 Rose St
Waipawa 4210

Tel: 06 857 8299
(Corner St Andrews St and Wellington Rd)
16 Wellington Rd,
Waipukurau 4200
3rd Thur Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov (Installation Jun)Click For DirectionsHawkes Bay
#42CelticVE Comp Douglas MoirVE Comp Ray Wylie

138 Centennial Avenue,
Dunedin 9010

Tel: 03 476 3415
43 Manor Place,
Dunedin 9016
3rd Wed all months except Jan & Dec (Installation Jun)Click For DirectionsOtago
#43OtaihapeVE Comp Peter OliverVE Comp Gregory Bennett GStdB

Taihape 4796

Tel: 06 388 7555
33 Huia St,
Taihape 4742
4th Thur all months except Jan & Dec (Installation Mar)Click For DirectionsRuapehu/Taranaki
#44RotoruaVE Comp David Johnstone

63 Orion Street,
Rotorua 3015

Tel: 07 348 5759
1131 Fenton Street,
Rotorua 3010
3rd Thursday May, Jul, Oct, Nov (Installation May)Click For DirectionsHauraki
#48PiakoVE Comp Leslie Duncan

VE Comp Jim McLaggan GDC

9 Pounamu Road,
Fairfield Downs
Hamilton 3214

Tel: 07 853 6543
MOB: 029 909 3044
64 Moorhouse St,
Morrinsville 3300
3rd Monday Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, 2nd Monday Nov. (Installation October)Click For DirectionsHauraki
#49OrouaVE Comp Phillip WagenerEComp Mark Russell

7 Pluto Place, Milson
Palmerston North 4414

Tel: 06 354 7859
14 Tamar St,
Rongotea 4476
3rd Monday Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Nov (Installation Oct)Click For DirectionsRuapehu/Taranaki
#52North Shore CityVE Comp Henri-Noel VenturiniVE Comp David Barr

24/12 Coronation Road, Belmont
Auckland 0622

Tel: 09 488 7296
5 William Laurie Place,
Albany 0632
1st Thur Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#53AraVE Comp Peter Boswell

VE Comp Brent Willoughby

18 Ascot Ave,

Auckland 1050
Tel: 09 524 0857
181 Khyber Pass Rd,
Auckland 1023
3rd Thur Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Aug, Sep, Oct (Installation Mar)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#54Te MaramaClosed
#57Bay of PlentyVEComp Malcolm Ryall

Tel: 07 307 7393
VE Comp John Walworth

P O Box 11,
Edgecumbe 3160

Tel: 07 304 8628 or 0274981845
19 Louvain St, Whakatane 31202nd Tue Mar, May, Jul, Nov (Installation 2nd Sat Sep)Click For DirectionsHauraki
#61William Ferguson MasseyVE Comp Etienne Miles Moller Gray

8 a Edinburgh St,

Tel: 09 237 8151
MOB: 027 608 4156
VE Comp Tony Jenkin

176 Queen St,
Pukekohe 2120

Tel: 09 238 7867
(Corner of Roulston & Wesley Sts)
8 Roulston St,
Pukekohe 2120

Tel: 09 238 7590
2nd Monday, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sept, Nov (Installation Sept)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#62WellingtonVE Comp Ken BishopVE Comp Duane Williams GSN

9-55 Hamilton Rd,
Wellington 6021

Tel: 04 386 2025
Mob: 021 051 2020
9 McKillop Street,
Porirua 5024
1st Thur Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov (Installation Sep)Click For DirectionsWellington
#63HorowhenuaVE Comp Ken RowlandVE Comp Graham Morow-Griffin

22 Devon Street,
Levin 5510

Tel: 06 368 6500
4th Wed Feb, Apr,Jun, Aug, Oct, Nov,(Installation Oct)Wellington
#65Bay of Islands (DORMANT)VE Comp Leonard Field VE Comp T W Hawtin

30 Mawson Ave,
RD 2
Kerikeri 0295

Tel: 09 407 6136
2 Cobham Rd,
Kerikeri 0230
3rd Monday all months except Jan & Feb (Installation Aug)Click For DirectionsNorthland
#66Kaiparasee Kaipara MahurangiMerged with Mahurangi #80Northland
#69Karangahape VEComp Gavin Deevy
Tel: 09 759 9479
VE Comp Mike Downey PZ

7A Humphrey Kemp Ave,
Auckland 0612

Tel: 09 836 1808
Henderson Masonic Centre
2 McLeod Rd,
Henderson, Auckland 0612
3rd Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Nov (Installation Aug)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#71HokiangaVE Comp Ralph BarberVE Comp Wayne Maday

17 Charlotte Kemp Drive,

Tel: 09 407 8761
1/7577 State Highway 1
Ohaeawai 0472
1st Wed all months except Jan, Feb & Dec (Installation Jul)Click For DirectionsNorthland
#72WaitemataVE Comp Geoffrey ParryVE Comp Steven McIntosh-Dona

23a Penguin Drive,
Murrays Bay
Auckland 0630

Tel: 09 476 2515
Mob: 021 1019 680
Northcote Masonic Centre
14 Rodney Rd,
Northcote 0627
3rd Thur Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov (Installation Oct)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#74CarlyleVE Comp David Mills E Comp Dave Stowell

6 Rutland St,
Patea 4520

Tel: 06 273 8325
41 Stafford St,
Patea 4520
4th Wed all months except Jan & Dec (Installation Apr)Click For DirectionsRuapehu/Taranaki
#76WaikaremoanaVE Comp Bruce TaylorRE Comp Jim Heron PGSupt GTreas

P O Box 113,
Wairoa 4108

Tel: 06 838 7075
8 Marine Parade West,
Wairoa 4108
Click For DirectionsHawkes Bay
#80Kaipara - MahurangiVE Comp Ian KerrRE Comp David Starr G Supt

P O Box 54,
Warkworth 0941

Tel: 09 425 5664
Old Masonic Hall
3 Baxter St,
Warkworth 0910
4th Thur Feb, Apr, Jun,Aug,Oct 2nd Thur Dec (Installation Jun)Click For DirectionsNorthland
#85McVillyVE Comp N McKee

57 Norana Rd
Upper Hutt 5018

Tel: 04 526 2950
Ex Comp Graeme Morgan

43 Bonnie Glen Cres
Upper Hutt 5018

Tel: 04 972 7768
Trentham Masonic Centre
27 Islington St,
Upper Hutt 5018
4th Tue Mar, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, (Installation May)Click For DirectionsWellington
#86ShirleyVE Comp Peter Albury

6 Parkhouse Drive,
6 Parkhouse Drive 7400

Tel: 03 310 7252
Email: Peter Albury
VE Comp Ivan Jonasen

18a Middlepark Rd,
Christchurch 8042

Tel: 03 348 7274
Shirley Freemasons Centre
9 Shirley Rd,
Christchurch 8013
1st Tues; Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec (Installation Jul)Click For DirectionsCanterbury
#88Te AwamutuVE Comp Peter Saunders
Tel: 07 823 1232
VE Comp R S Death

51 Bowden Place,
Te Awamutu 3800

Tel: 07 871 3396
The Waipa Lodge
(Corner of Sloane St and AlbertPark Drive)
279 Sloane St
Te Awamutu 3800
1st Thur Mar, May, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec (Installation Jun)Click For DirectionsHauraki
#90St AndrewVE Comp Adam Love E Comp Neville Hall

158 Regent Street,
Invercargill 9812
Tel: 03 216 1679
Southland Masonic Centre
80 Forth St,
Invercargill 9810
4th Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct (Installation Oct)Click For DirectionsSouthland
#92Tutanekai-HinemoaVE Comp Martin ArrellVE Comp Ken Stokes

7 Atamira Close,
Churton Park
Wellington 6004

Tel: 04 478 6717
Brooklyn Freemasons Centre
383/401 Ohiro Rd,
Wellington 6021
2nd Tues all months except Jan & Feb (Installation Nov)Click For DirectionsWellington
#93The Research Chapter of NZME Comp Geoff Davies PGZ

81 Warwick Street,
Wellington 6012

Tel: 04 4725556 / 0274417554
RE Comp Phil Adrian DepGZ

3/25 Anita Ave,
Mt Roskill
Auckland 1041

Tel: 09 629 0821
181 Khyber Pass Road,
Auckland 1023
3rd Tues Mar, Jun, Oct (Installation Jun)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#97TawhiriVE Comp Neville Ballantyne
Tel: 027 273 6836
VEComp Douglas Faulkner PZ

94 St James Place,
Hamilton 3210

Tel: 07 855 1214
Masonic - Alexandra Lodge #1188 United Grand Lodge of England
298 Barton St,
Hamilton North 3204
2nd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep, Nov (Installation Apr)Click For DirectionsHauraki
#98The Chapter of PeaceVE Comp Ray BurgessVE Comp Ron Holbrook PGStdB

35 Marywil Cres,
North Shore City 0627

Tel: 09 443 5157
Ellerslie Masonic Centre
9 Robert St,
Auckland 1051
3rd Mon Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Oct, Nov (Installation Apr)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#101HowickVE Comp Graeme NortonVE Comp J C Hoyte

28 Glengarry Rd,
Auckland 0602

Tel: 09 818 0987
1 Highland Park Drive,
Howick 2010
2nd Thur Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov (Installation Jun)Click For DirectionsAuckland
#102Tokoroa ClosedHauraki
#103Mt MaunganuiVE Comp Ronald PibworthVE Comp Trevor Crane, G Org

21 Braeburn Pl,
Tauranga 3110

Tel: 07 579 3004
BOP Masonic Centre
Cnr State Highway 29 & Hairini St,
Tauranga 3112
3rd Mon Feb, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov (Installation Jul)Click For DirectionsHauraki
#106Unanimity of Papakura ClosedAuckland
#109AuroraVE Comp Steve Manson
04 938 8766
34 Rawhiti St, Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt 5019 Email:
VE Comp. Herb Carberry PGSoj

275 Stokes Valley Rd,
Stokes Valley
Lower Hutt 5019

Tel: 04 563 6225
Hutt Masonic Centre
465 High St, Lower Hutt 5010
4th Thur Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov (Installation May)Click For DirectionsWellington