Freemasons University Scholarships

Over the last 43 years Freemasons New Zealand in conjunction with The Freemasons Charity have funded several million dollars of Post Graduate and Graduate Scholarships at all New Zealand Universities. These are open to all but are awarded on academic excellence and the community involvement of students. Freemasons New Zealand is the largest private funder of University Scholarships in New Zealand and have provided scholarships to the value of nearly six million dollars.

Freemasons University Scholarships

Closes 1st October 2021. Check with your University Scholarships Office for more details.

Graduate Scholarships are $6,000.00
Post Graduate Scholarships are $10,000.00

The committee may opt not to award a PG and use money in scholarships or vice versa.

Lawson-Smith Freemasons Education Trust Veterinary Scholarships

Lawson-Smith Freemasons Veterinary Scholarships for Massey University students only
Closes 1st October 2021

Veterinary Technology Scholarships are $5,000.00
Veterinary Scholarships are $10,000.00

History of the Freemasons University Scholarships

In 1978 the Auckland District members of the Board of Benevolence were of the view that the Craft would derive some benefit from assisting young persons who had no Masonic connections and who were experiencing financial difficulties during their period of university studies.

A pilot scheme was established for a trial period of one year at University of Auckland. In 1978 $1,000 was expended, which rose to $3,045 in 1979 and $3,010 over just four months in 1980. The scheme was terminated in 1980 as it was evident it should be extended to the other 6 universities.

In its stead in 1981 a substitute scheme designated for students awarding bursaries of $500.00 each. Eighteen per year were awarded and divided between the seven universities, proportional to their student population.

In 1992 the Bursaries were discontinued but replaced with applications for “Tertiary Assistance” a supplementary form completed in conjunction with “Application for Assistance.”

Freemasons Scholarships were awarded for the first time in 1992 for academic excellence Scholarships Awarded to seven universities in New Zealand, now  we have eight: Auckland, AUT, Waikato, Massey, Victoria, Canterbury, Lincoln and Otago.

A scholarship committee works with the University directly in considering all applications and decides independently on the successful applicants.