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October 2018

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Speaking Up for Freemasonry

Speaking Up proves successful in NZ

Congratulations to you all! Freemasons New Zealand has turned the corner. New Membership and Retention on the rise.

The Grand Master’s challenge to ‘Speak Up For Freemasonry’ has not gone unheeded, and around the country our members have responded in many ways to the call to action.

Grand Master Mark Winger launched the project in November 2016, encouraging everyone to speak plainly and openly about Freemasonry, to friends and acquaintances, and to raise the positive profile of our organisation. Thanks to your collective efforts nationwide, the campaign has come on in leaps and bounds. In addition to increasing membership, it has doubled Freemasonry’s social media presence and increased public inquiries resulting in our website traffic increasing by 160%. An excellent result.

We have started on our journey to raise public awareness of Freemasonry, and to de-mystify the benefits of belonging to our organisation. By Speaking Up, we show to the public our pride in Freemasonry, and we can explain the advantages of belonging to a Lodge, of sharing quality time with other men for mutual support, and of acting to make our communities a better place for mankind.

The action of every individual who has Spoken Up has combined to make a considerable difference, and it shows. “Whether creating Facebook pages or simply talking to the public about your Lodge or just promoting in your community your activities in some other way - it is clear that what you’re doing is working!” said the Grand Master.

We also need to focus on member retention – however the data shows that we are making great advances in keeping our members active and involved. By Speaking Up, we remind them of the power for good that our organisation is, and the many charitable activities supported by Freemasons around and throughout New Zealand. “As Grand Master, I am delighted to see our membership numbers in growth mode – we are no longer losing members year on year – we are growing! Not many volunteer organisations can attest to that fact in the current environment – however Freemasonry offers something unique to today’s man. By continuing to Speak Up about our organisation we will continue to stimulate heightened awareness, and men of calibre will seek to join our Lodges. Although Christmas is just around the corner let us not be complacent about Speaking Up plainly and openly about the benefits of Freemasonry.” “We have convictions, integrity, principles, and charitable work that we’re proud of. So, it’s very pleasing to see everyone sharing with others just how we make good men better men.

“Creating a positive awareness of Freemasonry is delivering results and will introduce new men to the enjoyment and development provided through participation in Masonic Lodges.”

Our Grand Master concluded by saying “It is a source of pride to me to see this milestone achieved within two years of the project being launched. Well done to you all – and let us maintain the momentum to Speak Up For Freemasonry.”

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From the Grand Master

The ‘Speak Up for Freemasonry’ campaign was initiated at my Grand Installation and is simply about having daily conversations with non-Freemasons about Freemasonry. By doing so, the public will know that Freemasonry continues in New Zealand doing wonderful charitable work and is a great organisation for developing men.

I have seen many fine examples of Lodges using ‘Speak Up’ to their advantage throughout New Zealand - be these projects where they have worked alongside other organisations or have invited non-Freemasons to Masonic functions, events, and activities. Where they have used devices such as signs, caps, beanies or lapel badges to open that conversation. Even a ‘Speak Up’ TV series on Face TV. Nationally, with our social media presence especially our Freemasons New Zealand Facebook campaign, which involves Lodges, is starting to take off and resources have been appearing in New Zealand Freemason magazine for the last year or so. An essential component of that is the ‘Simple answers to leading questions’ booklet, this is not only a help to us as Freemasons in explaining in simple English what Freemasonry is, but a great giveaway to an enquiring mind.

In the end, it is down to each one of us to talk about the great organisation we belong to if we are going to attract men of calibre and speaking up is the way to do it.
Erewhon lodge ashburton

Lodge Erowhon makes strides in speaking up

In July of this year Lodge Erewhon No. 200 members put up a Freemasons sign at the State Highway 1 Entrance to Ashburton township. "Thanks to Wbro.John Handy for making it possible."

Whats a better way to show that Freemasonry is alive and well than erecting signs at the entrance and exit of your town? Want to make an impact on your town? $120 for two Freemasons signs, click here to order!

Foxton Freemasons Expo

Lodge Te Awahou in Foxton recently held a Freemasons Expo at the local library and information centre (next to the famous Foxton Windmill) for a week as part of its efforts to ‘Speak Up for Freemasonry’. Staffed by local Freemasons who were there to answer questions with materials and information sourced locally or supplied by Freemasons New Zealand.

The Grand Master visited the Lodge in the same period to present a 60 year Bar to W Bro Jack Dryden PGD.

Freemasons support Akaroa Health Hub with a healthy $50k

Freemasons in Canterbury, through The Phoenix Lodge, have supported the Akaroa Health Hub with a $50,000 donation with the assistance of The Freemasons Charity. Freemasons ‘Speaking Up for Freemasonry’ by their involvement in the local community.

The Akaroa Health Hub is important to the people of Akaroa and Banks Peninsula due to the distance from Christchurch in an emergency. Both parties recognised the importance of the relationship, hence why the area will be known as the Freemasons A&E Room. Our Grand Master Mark Winger made the presentation recently before an audience of Freemasons, Partners, Friends and Guests in the Lodge rooms and also promoted Bob Wright to Past Grand Warden.

Speaking up through fine music

The Lodge of the Liberal Arts No 500 in Auckland was doing it’s best to speak up for Freemasonry at the city’s Town Hall on Sunday 9th September 2018 with their Auckland Youth Orchestra, Liberal Arts Concert.

Open to the public as a free event by the Auckland Youth Orchestra, the performance drew a large audience including 200 odd Freemasons and their wives, partners, and friends all of whom enjoyed the music of Haydn, Copland and Sibelius played in fine style by the young members of this Orchestra established in 1945.

The Master of the Lodge, Warren Cant, presented the Lodge Trust’s annual award the Howard Wyatt Memorial Scholarship, on-stage after the interval, highlighting the long and growing association of the Orchestra and the Lodge. The Lodge has been the major sponsor of the orchestra for some years and a current player is now a member of the Lodge.
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Hello! My name is Jakki and I am the newest member of staff at the National Office. In my role as Digital/Administrator, I am here to assist you as members in having your voice heard. This news page is the first of many focusing on how you and your lodges are speaking up for Freemasonry in our communities. For the month of October, any submissions for the news will be recognised with a free Lapel Badge.
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Speak Up News
October 2018