How many of your brethren:

  • Are unaware of the Order of the Royal Arch?
  • Know of Rule 71 of the GLNZ Book of Constitution?
  • Know why a Lodge has a Master and two Wardens?
  • Understand the relationship between Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts?
  • Know that they can recover the “genuine” secrets of a Master Mason?

Did you know that around 20% of Craft Masons join another Order? Did you know that those 20% include Masons who are most interested in seeking further enlightement and understanding of Masonic philosophy? Are you aware that those 20% include those Masons who contribute most to the governance activities of their Lodges (Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Ceremony, Almoner).

Are at least 20% of your Brethren in your Lodge members of another Order, particularly the Royal Arch? If not, why not encourage some of them to contemplate what is probably the best way of making “a daily advancement …”?

How can you help to foster a better knowledge of Masonic philosophy?

Talk about it openly. Talk about the other Orders you belong to and how they have helped you get a better understanding of Freemasonry and how it helps you in your daily life. Show them, by example, the enjoyment you get from participation in the Royal Arch.

If one of your Brothers shows an interest, don’t hesistate to invite him to investigate for himself. Point him to the articles on this web site which show how the Royal Arch will benefit him, particularly that of the late Reverend Neville Barker Cryer (“Revisiting Ritual” Why You Should Join The Royal Arch.

Download and email to him the paper “Introduction to The Royal Arch for non-Royal Arch Masons” which can be obtained here Introduction to the Royal Arch, or print it and give him a copy.

Above all, don’t miss the opportunity. In doing so you will not only assist your Chapter by gaining another member, but you will also be assisting another Mason by increasing his own enjoyment of his involvement.

You can find more information and asisstance by contacting the Grand Scribe ( or the Grand Principals and Grand Superintendents whose addresses may be found on this site (navigate to Grand Chapter and look up Officers, Divisions and Districts).