Centennial Award 2021
March 14, 2021
135 Year’s Service Honoured
April 22, 2021

GZ at Peace


The Chapter of Peace No. 98 had its Installation ceremony on 19th of April embellished by the presence of our new First Grand Principal, Ron Lane.  Ron had agreed to deliver the Address to the Chapter’s new First Principal Paul Sargison, currently Grand Treasurer.  Paul commented that, although the Chapter had enjoyed visits by the First Grand Principal in the past, this was a first such visit to its Installation ceremony for some time.

The well attended event, with Grand Superintendent Mike Downey as Installing Principal, was also an opportunity for the companions to view First Grand Principal Ron’s Grand Mark Master regalia, when he installed Michael Matson as Worshipful Mark Master of the Chapter.  Ron commented that it is regalia not often seen in Chapter rooms.

The First Grand Principal’s visit also presented the opportunity for him to invest Very Excellent Companion Ray Burgess as Past Grand Organist.  Ray had been unable to attend the Grand Convocation in Masterton this year due to an important family event.

In summary, a great evening was enjoyed by the Chapter and visiting companions.

Companions in Photographs Left to Right

  1. Ken Galley PPGDC, Mike Downey G Supt., Mike Matson Second Principal and Worshipful Mark Master , Ron Lane GZ

  2. Mike Matson Second Principal, Ron Lane GZ, Paul Sargison First Principal, John McCallum Third Principal