The Royal Arch Jubilee Memorial Scholarship Fund and The Royal Arch Masonic Centennial Award Fund

These funds were established to mark our 50th and 100th Anniversaries.

The Royal Arch Jubilee Memorial Scholarship Fund arose from a desire to mark the 50th anniversary of Grand Chapter in 1942 during the difficult period of the Second World War. Initially it was to support young people to attend either the Papakura Boys Home or the Kirkpatrick Home for Girls in Nelson. Over the years with the demise of both of these establishments a move was made towards supporting scholars  in their tertiary studies whether at a technical institute or a university. While this has been funded by Chapters making annual donations after their installations to it several individual members left considerable funds to augment the capital base. Fuller details of the fund are shown in the Centennial History by R E Comp Ian Nathan, PGJ and also in the details of the fund under the rules governing it. Each year the Fund allows us to support a number of students in progressing their studies and thus now alleviating in some small way the high indebtedness associated with tertiary studies.

The Royal Arch Masonic Centennial Award Fund followed a similar impetus and again the background is to be found in Ian Nathans excellent history. A significant fundraising exercise was undertaken both before and subsequent to the Centennial of Grand Chapter in 1992 which saw  a large lump sum created which allows a substantial Grant to assist in Research to be made every second year. Awards in the range of $20,000 – $35,000 have been made in fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, Geology, Agriculture, and Horticulture, and Veterinary Science with the recipient frequently speaking to Companions at Convocation  as reported in the Books of Proceedings.  Further details are as shown on the link below to “About the Centennial Fund”.

Jubilee Memorial Scholarship Application

Rules for Jubilee Memorial Scholarships

About the Centennial Award Fund

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