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April 23, 2021
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May 5, 2021

New Zealand’s Pacific Lodge

Lodge Calliope No 252 was constituted in Apia, Samoa on 30th August 1923 under The Grand Lodge of New Zealand and will be celebrating its Centenary next year.

A report from the Master Worshipful Brother David Main.

Lodge is going from strength to strength with our completing two Mason Master ceremonies and two Entered Apprentice Degrees in the last month or so.  This also includes having my eldest son joining us, which is a proud moment for Dad, and our all new brothers are in their 30’s and early 40’s so our lodge is looking much younger.   Great to see we have an over-flowing lodge with all seats occupied and a few extra chairs on the edges needed. Perhaps we stop any more recruitments as we have no free space on our Entered Apprentices benches.   Lodge is in a great position going forward and there is interest in the community should we wish to extend our hand and further increase our brotherhood.  Myself and fellow Master Masons enjoyed Greg Taylor doing his Master Mason ceremony last Saturday followed by a fellowship which overlapped with my belated birthday so a great time to fire up the BBQ and down some beers. Brethren and their partners had an amazing time, perhaps to good a time with the party finally winding down at 4am.   Charity work is also going well with our latest fundraiser for Mental Health bringing in over $16,000.  And equally great was watching my fellow brothers enjoying our community out-reach.   Likely plan is for next fundraiser to be in June/July for education, though I’ll wait for our committee to confirm this.

On the horizon,  I’m keen for your assistance with Freemasons New Zealand and their ongoing support to us.   For the scholarship, we note with Covid-19 less students are travelling for University studies, so there is a large impact on our local university, perhaps this fund could be made available to students studying in Samoa.

We are very keen to make this a success and show case Samoa to our New Zealand Brethren of our 100th Anniversary.   Appreciate any assistance you can bring especially towards our compiling a history of Samoa and tracing down any articles or artifacts that New Zealand may be in possession of.   Noted your talk on our possibly creating our own centennial jewel – appreciate any guidelines you may have on this.   And of course we are most keen to have as many brethren from New Zealand, especially our Grand Master MW Bro Graham Wrigley, as possible come join in our celebrations.   

Administratively, we a getting our records up to date for Freemasons New Zealand and we be placing orders for regalia and resources soon.

Look forward to a Pacific bubble opening soon so we can all travel your way, and equally look forward to your visiting Samoa.