Simple answers to leading questions booklet

Simple answers to leading questions Booklet

PDF Version is readable here


  1. jamie lapwood says:

    Very good read as I’m wanting to become a freemason to pursue where my grandad left off


    I became a Master Masons and very proud but under my god I at to make a choice the cost of being a Freemason or doing my responsibility as a man looking after is family. With good cconscience i could not spend the money on lodge fee that should go to the family. I resign from the Lodge in good standing. I am still a master mason in my heart and I would become active if i good swap my lodge fee for me to do work to pay for them. I believe man should always stand tall yes he should be prepared to accept help but not a free ride. i offer this as a thought.

  3. duanewilliams says:

    Thanks for your thoughts FMNZ

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