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Photo Galleries of Freemasons New Zealand events

Freemasons University Scholarships 2017

The Grand Installation 2016 at Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington


Freemasons University Scholarships 2016 at Parliament

125th Anniversary of Freemasons New Zealand Black Tie Dinner at the Transitional Cathedral Christchurch

Presentation of 125 DAISY Players to the NZ Blind Foundation on their 125th Anniversary and ours from Lodges throughout New Zealand and the Freemasons Charity valued at $65,000

Freemasons Park opened at Homai School, Manuwera, Auckland for the Blind and Visually Impaired after half million donation from The Potter Masonic Trust and Freemasons of Auckland

Refurbishment and Re-dedication of the Memorial to our first Grand Master MW Henry Thomson PGM at Linwood Cementery Christchurch

Freemasons University Scholarships 2015 at Transitional Cathedral Christchurch - 8 Universities, 28 Scholars, 120 family, friends and freemasons and $198,000 in graduate and post graduate scholarships

Freemasons University Scholarships 2015 by University (AUT, Auckland, Waikato, Massey, Victoria, Lincoln, Canterbury, Otago and Rankin Education Trust

Grand Installation 2013 at Michael Fowler Centre