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October 12, 2017
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October 29, 2017

Moving ceremony on 100th Anniversary of Passchendale


A moving ceremony was held at Timaru Boys High School with Grand Master Mark Winger in attendance with WBro Jeff Elston.

Jeff’s story here – my two Great Uncles 15902 Leonard Henry Dixon Hight & 15901 Cecil Morland Hight, both enlisted together, fought through the Somme, Messiene and died together at Passchendale 12th October 1917 at 09.25 am, 200 yards from the German front line.

This was witnessed and subsequent visit when returned of Len’s best friend at Timaru Boys High School, Lt Stephen Parr MC, who retrieved their personal belongings and buried them in a shell crater together, with grid reference to later uplift their bodies for a decent burial. Both killed when an artillery shell landed between them.

Grand Master Mark Winger helped with this small service, at Timaru Boys High Memorial Library, to the very hour & minute, 100 years after they died.

A very moving remembrance for those brethren assembled.