300 to celebrate 300 years! – Freemasons New Zealand
Grand Masters Royal Arch Reception
October 9, 2017
100th Anniversary of Passchendale
October 18, 2017

300 to celebrate 300 years’! – Giving 300 for 300.

Freemasons in New Zealand are celebrating 300 years of Freemasonry with their Lodges throughout New Zealand being encouraged to participate in community projects on the theme ‘300 to celebrate 300 years’.

Using the ‘300’ theme perhaps along the lines of 300 books for local school or library, 300 breakfasts or lunches for a low decile school, 300 toys for a local hospital, children’s hospital or toy bank, 300 bags of groceries for a local food bank, 300 scarves, hats and socks for under-privileged children, 300 school starter kits or a $300 tablet for a school, etc. ‘300 to celebrate 300 years’. Giving 300 for 300.

Read more about 300 years of Freemasonry here freemasonsnz.org/300-years-of-freemasonry

Photo – an example of an idea of a poster where the local event can be inserted to help promote ‘300 to celebrate 300 years’.