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May 25, 2020
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July 30, 2020

West Coast Freemasons support Women’s Refuge

Photo caption: Back, Peter Robertson (Advance Mawhera No. 61), Ray Moroney (Phoenix No. 1690), Phil Brewer (Greymouth No. 1233), Phil Campbell (Greymouth Car Centre), with Trish Smith of Women’s Refuge and Leon Dalziel of West Coast Freemasons.

West Coast Freemasons have presented Women’s Refuge with a new van for their use.

Three Greymouth and Westport Lodges combined funds to purchase a $10,000 Nissan El Grand 8 seater coach from Greymouth Car Centre. The grant was also supported by the Westland Masonic Charitable Trust.

Freemasons van organiser Leon Dalziel said the vehicle will be used on the Coast to support the important work Women’s Refuge does in the community.

“We heard Women’s Refuge were looking for a vehicle, and felt it was a worthy charitable cause, and a men’s organisation helping a women’s organisation”, Mr Dalziel said.

Greymouth Car Centre Manager Phil Campbell, also donated a tow bar as a goodwill gesture and in appreciation of Women’s Refuge.

The vehicle will be used to transport women and families in times of need, and for general use such as grocery shopping, appointments and moving furniture and household goods.

Freemasons have supported many charitable organisations and other worthy causes on the West Coast for over 150 years. Nationally, almost $10 million is donated, supporting education scholarships, cancer and medical research, and many other important regional and local projects.