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Ideas for Lodges, Freemasons and Families

Whilst Lodges are closed until 31st May 2020 but can now open from 1st June 2020 and Freemasons and Families are limited in some their activities under the various Covid-19 levels; we will be posting ideas here to keep you all occupied.

It is is important that we stay safe personally and make sure the family, friends and Freemasons are safe too, so spend the time making sure this is happening by communicating safely and helping those is need were possible. In all your decisions, during the various Covid-19 levels, as the Prime Minister suggests ‘act as if you have Covid-19’.

Ideas and activities

‘Fun things to do’ Newsletters for everyone

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Thanks to John McDonald Grand Lecturer Northern Division

Freemasons and Foodbanks

Realising the needs of Foodbanks, especially with extra demand through Covid-19, take a look at these projects from the Freemasons Foundation in Auckland, a Lodge and District in Wellington with the support of The Freemasons Charity and the Otago Masonic Charitable Trust.

See three great stories here

Antarctica and Covid-19

Read W Bro Geoff Todd’s and his wife Linda’s story in two parts on their Antarctic adventure and catching Covid-19. Geoff is the only known Freemason in New Zealand to catch Covid-19.

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Facebook Live interview with Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master

Did you miss it?……. here is the link to watch it here

Zoom Meetings

Have a ‘Virtual Masonic Gathering’ of a social or instructional or masonic knowledge nature (but no ceremonial allowed).

A Freemasons Tool Box idea on Zoom set up and best Zoom practice here

A Virtual Toast

A Virtual Toast example here

Freemasons Tool Box

The Freemasons Tool Box is a great source of ideas many of which could be adapted for our current situation.

Find the Freemasons Tool Box here

Freemasons – Fresh Thinking – News and Views Newsletter

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Freemasons New Zealand Social Media


Freemasons New Zealand Social Media can be found here

Freemasons New Zealand YouTube Channel

Did you know? that there are well over 40 videos of our Freemasons New Zealand dedicated YouTube channel! All about Freemasonry in New Zealand. Anything from the 2019 Grand Installation to the Freemasons CAR-T Cell Research Programme to the ‘Speak Up’ TV programme (both series) to Freemasons University Scholarships presentations at Parliament. Possibly a great way to wile away our lock down time and gain some insights.

Here is the link

New Zealand Freemason magazine

For current issue here or older issues to read view here at the Archive.

Lodge or District or Division Newsletters

Here is ‘New Knowledge’ the Northern Division Newsletter

Read it here

Here is ‘Central Today’ the Central Division Newsletter

Newsletter No 1 read it here

Newsletter No 2 read it here

An example of a good Lodge Newsletter ‘Portcullis’ which has stories on Lodge Almoners, a Freemason in the heart of China, really relevant charitable donation and their lodge Virtual Masonic Gatherings.

Read it here

Southland Masonic Newsletter has an an amazing amount of resource material.

Read it here

Your challenge to send us your interesting Lodge Newsletter to

ANZAC Day Commemorations

Facebook Live Virtual Freemasons ANZAC Day Commemoration was held at 10.00am on Saturday 25th April 2020

If you missed it you can view it here

Freemasons ANZAC Day Appeal

Details on making your donation here

Freemasons New Zealand – ANZAC Day media release

View it here

ANZAC Day at a personal level

This year’s ANZAC Day Commemorations will be different from most other years, even if we move out of Level 4 lockdown as mass gatherings are cancelled or restricted in Levels 3 or 2. So in 2020 our commemoration, on Saturday 25th April, will perhaps be on a more personal level.

What could Freemasons do individually or in their Covid-19 bubble?

You all received an ANZAC Day Poppy in your March 2020 New Zealand Freemason magazine and on your behalf Freemasons New Zealand made a donation to the RSA Welfare Fund in thanks. Perhaps that Poppy can be prominently displayed somewhere in your house or sit with your Teddy Bear in the window or be attached to your mailbox. We are sure that you come up with many safe ideas.

Indeed those returning from World War 1, where ANZAC Day originated, faced a similar situation with the ‘Flu epidemic’ which killed some 20 million people around the world and that may be something to reflect upon as well during this Covid-19 ANZAC Day.